By Rune Bentien and Ozymandius 


Every day new projects start to build on NEAR Protocol, as the NEAR Ecosystem continues to develop at record speed. Electric Capital, in it’s seminal 2020 Developer Report, noted that NEAR has averaged a 100% increase per month in the number of developers building on the protocol, with overall developer engagement numbers growing in parallel to Ethereum's original trajectory. In addition to such engagement, the NEAR backed Open Web Collective has recently launched a second batch of projects that will continue to drive the development of Open Web solutions on top of NEAR. 


Based upon these trends, we are excited to announce the launch of MOVE Capital within the NEAR Ecosystem, as a unique investment vehicle for NEAR-based projects. MOVE Capital exists to support founders and developers launching well-designed, high-potential products on top of NEAR. More specifically, MOVE Capital analyzes, grants, and mentors selective projects looking for early stage support right as they get off the ground (in this sense pre-pre-seed round funding). 


Some criteria for what we look for in projects building on NEAR:


  • Basic MVP Built 


  • Active Development on the Product and Future Development Planned


  • Maximum 20k NEAR Investment Per Project


In the context of NEAR’s current stage of development MOVE Capital is launching with the hopes of growing as NEAR itself evolves, becomes more robust and has more projects building on top of the protocol. The promise of the Open Web - a digital hub for Open Finance, Open Data, and privacy-first solutions - is at the very core of the vision and purpose of MOVE Capital: MOVE Capital will steward future Web3 projects in their early stages, to provide a starting point for long-term development, growth, and value creation. 


We, as original partners of MOVE Capital, intend to take a hands on approach with the products we support by staying closely aligned every couple of weeks with updates relating to Roadmap development, Product Market Fit, and Technical Updates. 


We look forward to announcing the first stage of MOVE Capital backed products on NEAR!