The Lyrik Philosophy


Rinse and repeat is a losing strategy. Our thesis is built around backing audacious founders interested in disrupting the status quo, or doing things differently. This applies across sectors: Decentralized Finance, Regenerative Finance, Decentralized Science, Governance, Infrastructure, and the nascent GEMS cluster (Gaming, Entertainment, Music, and Social). We stand at the very inception of many of these clusters with disproportionate opportunities for original first principle founders.

High Conviction

With Crypto’s outsized returns, and the infancy of entirely new products and markets, our approach is to take tactical and limited high conviction bets, in stark contrast to a spray and pray approach. Any investment on our side is playing to win an outsized return.

As Early as it Comes

Native deal flow from networks and a strong basis in Tokenology, product, and market analysis means getting in early is a win-win for us and our portfolio companies. We are keen to get in as early as possible not only for proper positioning in the round, but also for supporting the design and technical choices of our founders.

Crypto Native

As a fund of crypto-natives, our focus remains on the fundamentals:  Infrastructure, sound token design, the nascent field of Web3 Gaming, and go-to-market for listing and successfully launching a token. Playing to our strengths means we get down in the trenches to get our hands dirty in looking at the design, product, and overall macro-thesis for every prospect.

Alternative Assets Are High Reward

The internet of value is built upon the premise of innovating on the very nature of money, assets, and value. Crypto holds the promise of accelerating the advent of entirely new forms of quantifiable and liquid value. From on-chain Carbon Credits, to Real-World Assets, Tokenized Real Estate, wrapped Treasuries, and entirely new financial products, our focus is on the emerging assets that only the crypto world enables.

Emerging Technologies with Crypto Are High Reward

Blockchain as a general purpose technology is far more than a decentralized ledger: It’s a trusted automation system for moving value on the internet. Pioneering technologies such as Generative AI (LLM), the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, and Remote Sensing all become more robust and valuable, when intersecting with crypto. Our focus is on these emerging overlaps, where entirely new business models and systems are created between different fourth industrial revolution technologies.  

Lyrik has the capacity to do deep diligence on Tokenology, Product, and general market fit across the world of Crypto, Gaming and AI. With Venture partners previously having run the Google Play Store, and Founding Partners and analysts heavily involved in Crypto since 2016, Lyrik is positioned to optimally discover and collaborate with the founders of the future intent on building the internet of value.

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